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Lectures at the University of Geneva, April--May 2015 &
Suggested References

Recent COMPASS Results and Future Prospects for ALICE

Central Production of Two- and Four-pion systems at COMPASS and ALICE

Techniques of Amplitude Analysis for Two-pseudoscalar SystemsCentral Production of Two- and Four-pion systems

Central Production at COMPASS and ALICE (Version IIIb)

Positivity Conditions on the spin desnity matrix: A simple parametrization by S. U. Chung and T. L. Trueman

C- and G-parity: a New Definition and Applications (Version VIIb)

Clebsch-Gordan cefficients and D-functions

SPIN FORMALISMS (CERN Yellow Report)---Updated Version

Quantum Lorentz Transformations (Version II)

Two-channel Mass Matrix (Version I)

Quantum Numbers for Hybrid Mesons in the Flux-Tube Model (Version III)

A talk by S. U. Chung at the Workshop on LHC Physics/Vienna

A Program of Hadron Spectroscopy with STAR

Selected Internal Notes by S. U. Chung---

General Work:

One Geometry Problem

General Physics Work:

SPIN FORMALISMS---Updated Version (Work in Progess)

Vector mesons in 4-quark systems

Covariant Helicity-Coupling Amplitudes---An Explanatory Note II---

On SU(3) Representations of q.qbar+q.qbar Mesons

Analysis of K.Kbar.pi systems (Version I)

General Spin-Density Matrix

Two-Photon Amplitudes of Quarkonia in Helicity Formalism

LEP-related Work:

Search for Exotic mesons at LEP

Low-Energy Two-Photon Processes at LEP

Internal Preprints based on DELPHI data ---in collaboration with---

M. Chapkin, P. Gavillet, V. Obraztsov, D. Ryabchikov,

A. Sokolov, S. Todorovova-Nova, V. Uvarov, C. Weiser

Inclusive J/psi Production in two-photon Collisions at LEP
Working draft--J/psi paper
TeX version--J/psi paper
Figure 1--J/psi paper Figure 2--J/psi paper Figure 3--J/psi paper Figure 4--J/psi paper
Figure 5--J/psi paper Figure 6--J/psi paper Figure 7--J/psi paper Figure 8--J/psi paper
Figure 9--J/psi paper Figure 10--J/psi paper Figure 11--J/psi paper Figure 12--J/psi paper

Measurement of Inclusive f1(1285) and f1(1420) Production in Z Decays with the DELPHI Detector

End Internal Notes

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